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64GB Voice Recorder, Telele Voice Activated Recorder with 15 Hours Battery Time and 750 Hours Recording Capacity, Small Audio Recorder for Lecture, Meeting, Interview and More


Telele Digital Voice Recorders Editorial Review



The mini voice recorder uses built-in 64G storage, eliminating the need for external memory cards. The voice recorder comes with headphones, a USB adapter, and a charger. It is small, easy to use, and has good sound quality. The voice recorder can record from a distance, but to avoid noise, it is essential to reduce friction between clothing fabric and the recorder. While the device has a low cost, the product is not reliable, and after some use, some customers reported various issues such as incomplete recordings or inaccessible recordings.


Built-in 64G storage technology

Comes with headphones, USB adapter, and charger

Small and easy to use


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