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2 Ton Car Hydraulic Trolley Jack for all. car SUV

About this item

  • Extra long neck saves time and makes it easier to lift higher vehicles Best Quality product
  • Cast Iron wide base for stability
  • Lifting range 135mm to 320mm

Product description

The brand provides innovative, high quality products Lifting car in an old traditional way has changed with time. Now you can use this handy trolley jack which lifts your car easily in times of such needs Features : A jack is a device to lift heavy loads or to apply great forces. ,what makes a jack work is simple leverage. this product has been made for personal car use not for commercial or professional purpose. That is why it has been made in portable segment (size, Length 43CM, Height 15CM, width 22CM, Weight 7Kg) you can easily adjust in your car boot . Important notification for SUV/Semi SUV Cars:- For These Segment, have to use a piece of wood or a strong piece of stone to increase the jack height when use the jack for your SUV/ Semi SUV cars. Because all SUV cars have extra ground clearance then hatchback and sedan cars.

2 Ton Car Hydraulic Trolley Jack for all car

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