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  • Note: This is a famous 90's kids game and is not full HD. The 99000 comes with the game built in. Connects to any TV with AV Input Enjoy hours of gaming fun just about anywhere Play plug n play video games on any TV with AV Input
  • Two player playable tv video game set. Suitable for kids and school students
  • Enjoy Stage Level, Sports, Shooting, Arcaud, and Racing games. For these games you need to buy 8 bit game cartridges individually. And the package only includes one default game cartridge
  • No battery is needed. Package Included: 1xAC Adapter, 2xJoysticks, 1xGun, 1x Main Gaming Console, 1x 2pin RCA Cable, Please follow the instruction sheet for help with connection installation
  • No returns are allowed, as we ship in the original manufacturer's packaging. If we need a variety of games other than the system pre-installed games, we need to buy the specific game cassettes separately
  • 99000 in 1 video game game for play in any TV || Exclusively 2 player play with

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