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Auto-ON PIR Motion sensor Light Fixture, Bulb Holder, is to Automate the lights and fans You just need to put in between Existing Bulb holder and bulb which you are already using. It then Automatically switches the light for you. The Pyroelectric (''Passive'') InfraRed Motion Sensors will efectively detect the movements of human being and animals. So it immediately detects and the lights on automatically.When install the light fixture(Bulb Holder), Please keep the holder vertical enable the sensor can be positioned under the bulb.The sensor is fixed to a metal flexible spring so the positioning can be done at a desired position.Auto-ON sensor provides a knob to adjust the time by increase or decrease the knob. Default time 1-2 minute

auto-on Motion Sensor Light Socket Convert any Bulb to Automatic -Pack of 1

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