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HUB USB 1080p FHD 90° Viewing Area Security Camera, Black


About this item

  • Full HD Video and Audio Recording Camera
  • 1080P video resolution – This mini camera can record 1080P clear video to ensure you capture beautiful moments.
  • Design concept – Body camera with a sliding lens cover, and can be clipped to the notebook or shirt.
  • Security tool has a long battery life – The built-in lithium battery for recording.
  • The battery of these gadgets (polymer Li-thion) is very sensitive and there is a need to be made of fine materials

Product description

damaru  HUB Hidden Spy Pen This is a smart advanced video pen. At many important moments, you will miss some important content. This is why we brought this spy pen, We advocate improving people's quality of life and convenience. It can help you record critical moments and beautiful moments. Hidden camera and photo functions can improve the quality of the study, work, and life. Spy Camera Pen Concealment— This is a very common everyday pen, with a recessed camera design and a lens with a sliding lens cover that can be clipped to the pocket of a notebook or shirt. This kind of miniature wearable camera pen is hard to notice when recording, especially when the slide cover is up., it can help you record important information at critical moments. Spy Camera Pen Convenience—Convenient design, access to the content through the memory card, you need to go through an external device, the wireless spy pen allows you to use it anytime, anywhere. Convenient charging design. Charging can be done directly through the data cable. It can be charged by a power bank outdoors, and it can record while charging. How to play video? 1. Connect to the computer via USB cable, and then use the player to play the video. 2. Remove the SD card, use a card reader to connect to the computer, and then play the video. How to charge a Spy Camera? Connect to the USB port on the computer or use a 5V power supply. Instructions for use Video mode: Press the top function button until the blue indicator turns on, the pen camera will start video-taking after the blue light flashes 3 times. The light would be off when the video-taking is going on. Press the function button 1 more time, video taking ends, the blue light would be back again ( stand by mode ). If you press the function button 1 more time, the pen camera will start


wifi not support .

micro sd card not included

HUB USB 1080p FHD 90° Viewing Area Security body Camera, Black

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