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  • EASY TO USE MOP STICK FLOOR CLEANING - With a 360-degree rotating mop frame, the cleaning tool is effective at removing dust, dirt, hair strands and tough stains from all hard-to-reach corners of your home and office, with ease from and sooner.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL FLOOR TYPES: - Magic Mop cleans all floor types - hardwood, laminate wood, vinyl, ceramic tile, laminate etc., without leaving any scratches. With fine control on the soft grip, you can clean up even the most stubborn dirt and greasy stains in no time!
  • Package Included: - Mop Stick with 1 Refill
  • Note: - Do not press the mop with force in the locked position while trying to spin as it may damage the locking and spinning mechanism of the mop. Always make sure the mop is open before spinning it in the bucket wringer.
  • Mop 360° Spin Cleaning Mop Stainless Steel Rod Handle Stick Set with Mop in

    SKU: B093LC26D7
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